Unite Paris 24: Spreading the Gospel During the Olympic Games

Our aim is to bring together the whole body of Christ and to flood the streets of Paris with the Gospel of Jesus Christ during the Olympic Games 2024. It is our desire to share the Good News of Jesus and create an opportunity for people of all nations to have a life-changing encounter with God.

As all of us are preparing and praying for this unique opportunity to share our faith during the Olympic Games, we encourage you to read through these core values:


God’s heart burns to see Parisians, French nationals, as well as people from all over the world visiting Paris during the Olympics won for His Kingdom (Acts 1:8). He desires them to be transformed through a personal encounter with Jesus’ love, redeemed by His finished work at the Cross, restored and healed by His grace. (Psalm 34:18)


We are part of the global body of Christ (Galatians 3:28). We believe in unity, focusing on what unites us: Jesus and His commission to preach the Gospel. Love has no denominational, cultural or geographical borders. Our goal is to unite and bring together all Christians, joining hands as we bring in the harvest.


We believe in the vital, lively communication between God and His children, the power of prayer and supplication birthed out of our hearts joined to His heart.


We believe in the superior reality of Heaven. We trust that whatever God says, He will accomplish. We follow His voice regardless of the circumstances and believe that with God nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37). Therefore, as you pray, ask the Lord with faith, for a great harvest of people, many workers willing to go, as well as signs, wonders and miracles accompanying those who are willing to preach the Gospel.

We cannot wait to meet you soon. You are such an important part of people’s experience at Unite Paris 24. Thank you for investing your heart!

Important FAQ's

What kind of outreaches are planned?

We will be doing one-on-one street evangelism (in goups of 2 or 3) during the day and open air preachings in some of the touristic spots of Paris.

Do I need to be an evangelist or do I need to be experienced in street evangelism?

No, we are asking all participants about their experience level, and we will pair up the less experienced with the experienced ones. You will be learning and growing in evangelism as you go.

Do I need to purchase a ticket to the outreaches?

No, you don’t need a ticket. However we ask everyone who wants to join to register through the form you filled out for the sake of communication and for planning purposes. If you want to bring friends or family members, encourage them to fill out the sign up form as well.

Will I be reimbursed for any travel expenses?

Unfortunately, we are not able to reimburse you for any costs (travel expenses, accommodations, food, etc.) We ask you to take care of those things yourself.

What are the dates I can join?

We will be doing street evangelism throughout the whole duration of the Olympic Games:

July 26 to August 11.

We have divided the outreaches into 3 terms as follows:

July 26 – July 30 // July 31 – August 4 // August 5 – August 11.

You can sign up for one, two or all three terms. However, we want to ask you to only sign up for the term you really want to commit to as we need to organize day leaders, whatsapp groups, meeting points and venues accordingly.

How many days of a term do I need to join for?

Because of the length of the outreaches, we would ask that you commit to do outreach at least three days out of six per term. Of course, you may preach the Gospel more if you’d like! We understand that many people work and have other commitments, so it is okay if you cannot commit to three days. If you are able, we do encourage you to do the minimum of three days.

Will I need to bring food or will food be provided?

As we are going to spread the Gospel throughout the whole city of Paris during the day, you will have plenty of opportunities to buy food as you go. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to bring food, but you will need to take care of providing food for yourself.

Is there childcare provided for me if I sign up?

No, so please be sure you have adequate childcare before signing up. However, you will be allowed to join with your children accompanying you. Please make sure to consider the intensity of the street evangelism and your children’s needs before you decide to take them with you.

When will I know the exact meeting locations and the teams?

Locations and teams will be finalised about one week before we hit the streets, so you should receive an email from us by mid-July. You will be also added to the Whatsapp group if you gave us your consent via the questionnaire form.

What if I sign up and cannot make it?

Before team placement has occurred, please email us at uniteparis24@awakeningeurope.com. Once you have been placed on a team, please contact your team leader.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have not been assigned to a team, please email us at uniteparis24@awakeningeurope.com. Once you have been placed on a team, please contact your team leader.

What can I be doing to help before the outreaches?

PRAY! You can be praying for our team and everyone who signed up as we prepare for the outreaches, for the outreach leaders who will be carrying responsibility for the teams, for protection before and during the outreaches, and for God to draw people, both believers to join the mobilization and the lost, that their hearts will be wide open for the Good News!