Past Events

Find out more about our past events.

Our events focus on national impact, introducing many people to salvation in Jesus, empowering Christians to preach the Gospel and helping them live a lifestyle of discipleship. In our events we see all denominations come together for the sake of God touching their nation.

2019 Awakening Austria in Vienna, Austria

Wiener Stadthalle |   June 13th – 16th |  13 000 Attendees  


2018 Awakening Baltija in Riga, Latvia


Arena Riga |   August 30th – September 2nd |  8 000 Attendees

2017 Awakening Prague in Prague, Czech Republic

Tipsport Arena |   June 29th – July 2nd |  12 000 Attendees 


2016 Awakening Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden

Friends Arena |   October 28th – 30th |  15 000 Attendees


2015 Awakening Nuremberg in Nuremberg, Germany

Grundig Stadium |   July 9th  – 12th 27 000 Attendees