We are raising leaders that are madly in love with Jesus and are burning to bring Him into every area of life. Our goal is for you to experience personal transformation as we radically pursue God’s presence in worship, dive into the Scriptures together and go out to share His Gospel with the rest of the world.


Welcome to Awakening School

A dream of God for a school like this has finally come to pass! We are so passionate to raise up leaders like you to take Jesus all across Europe and the world. This school will transform your life as you pursue Jesus with people from all across the nations, getting ready to do His perfect will with your life. In our first year of school this last year, we were shocked at how many people came and how God is already using them in different nations! We’re expectant for a deep year ahead, and below is a list of how we will activate and teach you and there will be so much more for you to receive while you’re here. 


You will be activated in how to …

  • Personally preach the Gospel, develop a lifestyle of worship and lead people to Jesus
  • Walk boldly in faith, break the fear of man and minister deliverance
  • Worship the Lord and go deep with Him daily
  • Experience the power of communication and live healthy in spirit, soul and body
  • Serve in a local church context and bless those around you
  • Find your personal calling and destiny
  • Plant churches and bring the Kingdom of God into the business world
  • Understand and support God’s mission for Europe
  • Put on large stadium events and organize outreaches

Biblical Training

In our weekly Biblical training, you will be taught on theological topics which will include but not be limited to …

  1. The Goodness of God
  2. The Supremacy of Jesus Christ
  3. Identity as Sons and Daughters of God
  4. Righteousness in Christ
  5. What is the Gospel and how to preach it!
  6. Worship
  7. The Person and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

You will be taught by our senior leader Ben Fitzgerald and the Awakening School leadership team on a regular basis. Additionally, it is our desire for you to be fully immersed in what God is doing around the world; therefore, you will also hear from many other world-class leaders. Some of our live and online guest speakers are leaders like Bill Johnson, Brother Yun, Todd White, Daniel Kolenda, Heidi Baker, Michael Koulianos, Paul Manwaring, Jeremy Riddle, Jean-Luc Trachsel, Konstantin Kruse and many more.


Other than God delivering me from addictions and other things such as rejection and just very much hopelessness, He renewed my life, making me strong, steadfast and very joyful in His Word and in stepping out in all things He has called me to. Jesus has turned my life completely around in an extremely beautiful way during this year of school of ministry. Highly recommended!

Amos E.


Following ASM school equipped me to share the gospel boldly! I am more aware now of His presence in daily life and being in this environment with fiery people going after Jesus deepened my relationship with God so much!

Joline W.


I got set free from fear which had held me back in every area of life – speaking, worshiping, living. I feel I finally became alive, transformed from only knowing to actually doing my Fathers will!

Elisabeth V.


God set me free from fear, shame and condemnation. He showed me who I really am. I don’t have to strive for Him, but he wants me to live with ease and so much joy!

Timo B.


God have taught me the Power of forgiving myself which has meant very much to me and brought me in to so much more Freedom.
Mikael H.