Partners Program

Together we are reaching multitudes of Europeans! 

We have Partners all around the world who play a huge part in seeing real people get saved. 

Why become a Partner?

  • Together we invest in the kingdom of God
  • Your finances help us spread the message of Jesus 
  • Help to employ more of our team members who have been giving up their lives for the Gospel
  • Help cover costs for our stadium events / tours / schools 

What we see an Awakening Partner to be?

  • You support us with a financial contribution of €20 or more every month
  • You are praying for and you want to see millions of people to meet Jesus in Europe!
  • You have a heart to see God fill cities with His goodness, unite churches and for every Christian to be equipped to live like Jesus
  • Maybe you’ve been to one of our Awakenings events, you carry the same heartbeat and you would love to be more personally connected to us

Some benefits we give back to our Partners

  • We will give you free tickets and reserved seating to our stadium events
  • Once a year we will plan a meeting with all of our Partners where you can connect with each other and get to know our team
  • Ben will host Q&A Zoom meetings for our Partners
  • Our team will be praying for you and you can send us your prayer requests
  • Regularly we’ll be sending you an update about what’s happening in our ministry
  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect with us in a private Facebook group, through emails, and through Zoom calls


Sign Up as a Partner

If you want to become a partner please fill out the section below and let us know who you are. You can cancel your partnership with us at any time. We love you and look forward to connecting more!