Called to know Him

The vision behind Awakening Prayer is to see people walk in close relationship with God. Prayer first and foremost is about our intimacy with Jesus. Imagine what Europe would look like if we knew Him better than our closest friends. We burn to see this happen. We desire for every believer to walk in a deep connection with God. 

The more we see Jesus, the more we realize that every answer is found in Him. The better we know Him, the more we understand that it’s only His Presence through us that can bring a lasting difference. From this place of intimacy with Jesus we will speak one word and mountains will move. We will make one sound and demons will tremble. We will take one step and Jesus will be manifested. We know that His words through us are powerful.

Prayer is an invitation for all of us to walk closely with God, talk to Him, listen to Him, and speak His words with authority. We follow Him as He leads us. That is our heart. That is our focus. That is our vision. The most powerful prayer comes from knowing Him. It comes by faith in Jesus. He is our focus. He is the One we long for. He is the One we love. 

“The best prayer isn‘t a long or a short prayer.
It‘s a prayer of faith.”

Ben Fitzgerald