Filled with joy and power


my name is Nela. Thank you guys so much for everything you have done in Jesus name in Prague! I believed in Jesus…but on Sunday night it was something powerful. I have never felt so big power from our GOD as was on Sunday. When Daniel Hagen started to pray for me i fell down and started cryiing and shouting. I wanted to stand up  but i couldnt. and when i was going back home at the night i was laughing  and everybody was watching me. i was like a drunk. i was laughing and laughing and i coulnt stop. people thought that i was a fool. ..something inside me was so happy. I was hearing what God was speaking to me. Amazing. Halelujah… God bless you people! I feel changed absolutely!! Being hungry for Holy spirit is the best thing!!! Amen!

 Love you sisters and brothers!

God bless!

Nela from Czech republic!