About the Call Back City

Ireland is a land rich in heritage, a land of saints and scholars. A thousand years ago the Gospel was almost driven from Europe, and its final refuge was Ireland. There God poured out His Spirit, and Celtic missionaries flooded Europe and the world with the light of the Gospel. In our day, it’s time for another awakening.

There is stirring on the emerald Isle of Ireland, both North and South. There is an increased movement of the Holy Spirit. In Belfast, the churches are gathering together to pray and worship. Old divisions are being forgotten as we come together under the cross of Christ to see Jesus lifted up in our city and our land. We are starting to see the prayers of our ancestors, our grandparents and our parents fulfilled. Lost souls are being saved as people are running to meet the Father. Lives are being transformed, and communities impacted. It is time for healing and health to sweep across the people of Ireland.

In 2018 James and Faith, founders of Igniting Ireland, felt ‘Called Back’ to Ireland from America. God lay one clear message on their hearts, He wants to Ignite the hearts of His people and prepare the land for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit like we have never see before. In preparation for the Call Back in July ’22, we have been gathering since August ’21 to ignite a passion for worship and seek His face. During these times we have seen the most incredible demonstrations of His power and Glory, but we know there is more.

Will you join us? Will you join us in pulling Heaven down to Earth? Will you join us in partnering with Him for revival?

It is Ireland’s time. It is time for revival.


Belfast area has a poplation of 625 000 people.


A helpful App for public transportation is Translink NI
Uber or Value Cabs is also availabe.

Accomodation Tips

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