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About the Call Back City

Basel Switzerland is a historic city that is located on the borders of France and Germany. It is a favorite tourist destination in Europe for its sheer beauty and its culture. The beautiful Rhein river flows through the midst of the city, bordered by beautiful architecture and historic landmarks.

Basel has been a key city in several major moves of God. In 1897, Theodor Herzl started the Zionist movement which pioneered the establishment of a Jewish national state in 1948. Erasmus von Rotterdam lived and worked in Basel and was a key figure during the Protestant reformation. A Basel revival with the wealthiest of society in the 1800’s funded a major mission movement that impacted the entire world. People such as Mel Tari who was a catalyst to the Indonesian revival have traced their Christian roots back to this particular Basel missions movement. Basel is a very strategic city with the world’s central banking institution located here.

Basel has an important prophetic destiny. There are several similar prophecies about Basel being a key strategic city during a global healing evangelism movement that will shake the world.

We believe The Call Back Basel is an important moment to help awaken our incredible city’s destiny that will impact the world. We are seeing local churches unify towards one cause – that Jesus would be lifted up and He will draw all men to himself. So join The Call Back Basel, and let’s reach this beautiful city with the Gospel that will spread to the ends of the earth!


Basel has a poplation of 200,000 people.


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