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For hundreds of years missionaries took the Gospel from Europe to the ends of the earth. Men and women gave up everything as pioneers, and as result of that the Good News traveled down the generations and into our lives. Now the very continent that sent those people out is in great need of Jesus again.

Awakening Europe “The Call Back” is a vision God gave us – that He would Call Back to Europe people from around the world who have European heritage, as well as those who have a heart for this continent. Join us in this historic event where thousands of Europeans will hear the Gospel through people like you.

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… and many more to come.


Anyone with European heritage in their family, and those who have a heart and call for this continent. That also means people currently living in Europe!

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Thousands of people from over 104 nations have already registered. We’re teaming up with ministries across the globe like YWAM, CFAN, Bethel, Lifestyle Christianity, Jesus Culture, the Dunamis Movement, The Send, Europe Shall Be Saved, IAHM, Steiger International, Jesus Image, Jesus Revolution, and many more amazing local churches, leaders and ministries.

So far almost every denomination in the
Netherlands is represented at this event,
something we are so thankful to God for.

As usual, powerful preachers will come to speak at this Awakening, as well as some of the most known worship bands in the world. They aren’t coming just for an event though, they want to see Europe flooded with the Good News just like you do. We are stunned that some of the most prominent leaders in Christianity come to our events, and many even refuse to let us pay their way to be there. This is a historic moment that they too want to invest in.

Flood Rotterdam is a three day pre-event leading up to the larger event in the Ahoy Arena. We want to invite you to come three days early to preach the gospel in Rotterdam. This time is meant for you to go out and share your faith, see signs and wonders and invite the lost to come to the event, and then you’ll be able to sit there on Friday and Saturday night and watch the people you invited respond to the gospel and be able to say you played a part this.

The night meetings are aimed at praise and worship, teaching about outreach, sharing testimonies & celebrating what God did that day.

Please don’t miss this time! It’s going to be such an amazing couple of days. It’s going to run from July 11-13 with the stadium event starting on July 14th.

We will be handing out free tickets as we share the gospel so the lost can come to the stadium event to hear the gospel. Please come bring your friends and family and partner with us to see awakening come to the Netherlands and revival in the Europe.
We look forward to being with you!




You book your ticket to “The Call Back” in the Ahoy in Rotterdam. Here you will join people for 4 days from all across the earth in the biggest project we have done yet. The event begins Thursday evening July 14th and ends late Sunday evening July 17th.


Here you can find the schedule for our stadium event.

No one comes to an Awakening just to watch.You will be able to go on mass outreaches as we do the “Flood Rotterdam” that week as well as participate in many workshops, activations, and much much more.


We still need your help to make the event possible! If you want to be part of the history that God is going to write, you can sign up today to volunteer. We can’t wait to have you join us!



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After Rotterdam, Part 2 of The Call Back happens – Missions Week. We will spread out to different cities across Europe at once. There will be big outreaches and night meetings in each Call Back City, all of which are free to attend.



You can book your accommodation in Rotterdam or surrounding areas now. Internationals can fly into Amsterdam, Netherlands as a major hub as Rotterdam is only 45 minutes away via car or train. If you’re already in another nation of Europe, you may want to drive or share transportation.