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 The Call Back 2022 was one of the first and largest Christian stadium events happening since 2019.

For hundreds of years, missionaries took the gospel from Europe to the ends of the earth. Men and women gave everything so that villages, cities, and even whole nations would turn to God. In the last few years, we saw a clear vision that God would call back to Europe people from all across the world who have European heritage. But they weren’t just coming for an event, they were coming on a mission. A mission to bring the gospel back to the very nations it was sent from, and the timing of this event has never been more important. Europe is waiting.

Day 1

Session 1

Awakening Music
Ben Fitzgerald

Session 2 & 3

Chroma Music & Loft 
Claudio Freidzon, Paul Manwaring & Heide Baker

Session 4

Jeremy Riddle
Christine Caine

Session 5

Jeremy Riddle
Mattheus van der Steen & Brother Yun

Session 6

Chroma Music
Dylan Long

Session 7

Daniel Hagen & Awakening Music
Todd White

Session 8

National Church Sunday
with local Pastors

Session 9

Chroma Music
Jean-Luc Trachsel & Andrey Shapoval

Session 10

Awakening Music
Daniel Kolenda