Who is coming?

 The Call Back

Heidi Baker

Iris Global

Heidi’s greatest passion is to live in the manifest presence of God and to carry His glory, presence and love to His body and a lost and dying world. She longs to see others laying their lives down for the sake of the Gospel and coming home to the Father’s love.

Rolland and Heidi Baker founded Iris Ministries, now Iris Global, in 1980. In 1995, they were called to the poorest country in the world at the time, Mozambique, and faced an extreme test of the Gospel. They began by pouring out their lives among abandoned street children, and as the Holy Spirit moved miraculously in many ways, a revival movement spread to adults, pastors, churches and then throughout the villages all across Mozambique’s ten provinces.
Heidi is now “Mama Aida” to thousands of people, and oversees a broad holistic ministry that includes a university, Bible schools, medical clinics, church-based orphan care, well drilling, food aid, primary and secondary schools, farms, widow’s programs, and outreaches that include a network of thousands of churches and prayer houses. She earned her BA and MA degrees from S.C.C., Vanguard University and her PhD from Kings College, University of London.

Heidi is calling for a passionate tribe of true believers in Jesus who will pour out their lives for love’s sake, empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring people of all ages home to the Father’s embrace!