Intern Application 2023/24

  • Internships are created based on our current mentors as well as the season and needs we have as a ministry. Internships are not (generally) created for a specific person – though (of course!) interns can expect aspects of their internship will be tailored to what they want to learn/grow in.

  • People who may apply for an internship include ASM Alumni, BSSM Alumni, and SdE Alumni. Other ministry school alumni may apply, as well as individuals who we invite, though the interview process will likely be more in depth. This is due to our expectation that interns will be representing our ministry as soon as they start – even if they may not initially operate at a high level of delegation.
  • Each intern will have one primary mentor. The primary team of the mentor will be the team where the intern will be expected to serve first though if they have additional time/capacity/interest or there is a need, they may serve on other projects/teams outside of their primary team.
  • Interns will serve on average 20 hours per week with 5 hours additionally for trainings/connection times. Homework assignments will also need to be completed outside of these times. Interns will also serve at least monthly in our local church service. During stadium events and local conferences, the number of hours per week will likely increase.
  • Internship cost is 400€ per year. This must be paid prior to the first day of the internship. (Third Year BSSM students do not pay additionally to their BSSM tuition costs.) Mission and ministry trips will not be covered by this amount.
  • Interns must have a Schengen visa/residency permit or passport to start their internship.
  • Internship Start Date is September 5, 2023, and Graduation Date is June 16, 2024.
  • Weekly schedules will vary depending on the internship, but all interns will be expected to attend the following regular meetings :
      • Sunday Service at 10:30am (weekly)
      • Intern Chapel on Tuesdays from 12:30-2pm (every other week)
      • Outreach with ASM on Thursdays from 11:30am-1pm (weekly)
      • Connect Group – days/times will vary by group (weekly)

Application Questions