Awakening Business

Equipping Kingdom Business Leaders

The purpose of business is to provide for the well-being and welfare of all society. How is your business being AWAKENED to serve that purpose?


If you had a board of advisors, what questions would you be asking them? Do you know how to draw a vision for yourself and your company? As your business prospers and flourishes, what are you called to do with the money? Do you know why YOU are in business?

Doing business is not easy! Doing it the right way is harder still. We know that you cannot do it alone. We need to do life in community where we can learn from one another. The Awakening Business Team wants to make sure you have the tools to walk in your assignment!

Our BOARDROOM Sessions give you access to remarkable speakers from different backgrounds who are willing to invest their time in you. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speaker. Each BOARDROOM Session will be informative, transparent and honest, with practical tips from people who have been there.

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