About the Call Back City

We long for the presence of God and to see Him manifest His love in Stockholm, Sweden and to the ends of the world!

Sweden is known as one of the most secularized countries. We believe it is time for us to go back into our inheritance. In the past, Sweden has sent out the most missionaries and exported the most Bibles in Europe. We believe this is the call for Sweden, a birthplace for missionaries, and going into the nations. All we need is awakening in hearts so that Sweden will see Jesus is still alive today as in history! Today, most Swedes have a religious background, but very few of them are faith-filled believers. Churches are decreasing, and the younger generations show less interest in God. People are tired of religion but long for a real encounter with God that can mark them forever. Sweden also has one of the highest proportions of immigrants in Europe. Most of the immigrants are from the Middle East and never heard the Gospel before. Right now, we are sensing a shift in the atmosphere. We heard about radical salvations, and we have seen God is moving in a different part of Sweden miraculously.

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” Come and join us in Stockholm and show the people of God with His love and power. Now is the time for Sweden!


Stockholm has a poplation of around 1.6 million people.


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