About the Call Back City

Jesus wants Helsinki. He wants Finland. He wants to restore the place in the hearts of the Finnish people where the only One we can rely on is Him. We have seen God fight for us as we have seen Him save this small little nation in the war. We have seen revival in our land, and it is time to see it again!

Our country is known to be the ”happiest place in the world”. 2019 we were ranked the first place again according to UN’s annual report. This might be true in many measurable things, but people are longing for more. They want peace, they want purpose – the harvest is ripe in the North!

Finland and Helsinki have both been known for pioneering and innovation. From all around the world we hear and see people talk about what is happening in our nation right now. God is calling His bride to shine bright and to use our innovation for His Kingdom! Jesus wants to demolish the religious yoke people have been under and restore relationship with Him and His people. ”I will pour my love on you, just like lovers do.”


Helsinki has a poplation of 1 million people.


A helpful App for public transportation is HSL, Reittiopas and Alepa-pyörä
Uber and Yango are also availabe.

Accomodation Tips

The best platforms to find accomodation are, and