About the Call Back City

Amsterdam is on the brink of the biggest Awakening we have ever seen. Amsterdam is known world-wide for its sex and its drugs. We have had a prophetic word however that when the Red Light District would close down, the people and the city will fall for God! For the first time in history, our mayor started talking about closing down the windows last year, and we are seeing real change. This is God’s time for awakening and revival for Amsterdam and the Netherlands. We invite you to partner with Awakening Europe in Amsterdam this summer to be part of this move of God! Register now and join the Call Back 2022 here in Amsterdam!

Event Host

God’s Embassy Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a population of 862.965 people.


Google Maps is all you need to come around.
Uber is also availabe.

Accomodation Tips

The best platform to find accomodation is